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We buy all kinds of your ingame currencies,mainly Wow gold,GW2 gold,Diablo 3 gold,Runescape gp,SWTOR credits, and many more.Please check our game list bellow.


 How it works:

1)  Choose your game and server
2)  Fill informaion required for a smooth transaction and submit your order
3)  Contact our live customer support to process your order
4)  Login game and wait for instruction
5)  Deliver your gold in game
6)  Payment will be sent right after gold received
7)  Transaction complete.


 Important notes:

1)  Registration is not required when selling to us,but it's necessary if you want to gain member points and enjoy VIP privilege.Check the "Get free keys" page for more details.
2)  All prices listed are provided solely as a Price Range .The value of ingame gold varies on different servers and keeps changing based on demand and supply.

3)  For a real time price check ,please contact our on-line customer service.
4)  Under confirmation of order complete,Payment will be made via Paypal,Libertyreserve,Moneybookers and Westernunion. Please make sure that you are able to accept payment through at least one of these payment option.
5)  Once the gold delivered and payment made , there's no turning back. Which means we can't return the gold even if you refund the money.
6)  Screenshots is highly recommended for each transaction in game.
7)  Keep in mind that RMT is against rules of the game and may cause account suspension.


2buymore aims to provide a safe and secure trading environment for enterprising individuals to sell their excess ingame currency.

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